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It might be an allegation about inappropriate behaviour, a complaint about a sensitive issue, a staff dispute or a security concern. It could be an emerging risk or something completely unexpected.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to a crisis - and there’s nothing worse than a generic response that pretends there is. Your organisation has a unique history, character and community, and your response needs to be truly authentic if you want to maintain people’s confidence now and in the future.


The key to a successful outcome is often found in the detail. That’s why my first step as a crisis communications expert is to take the time to understand your organisation, its values and the situation in depth. I listen carefully and ask a lot of questions - it’s an essential part of making sure we adopt the right strategy. I’ll walk you through it and give you honest, objective advice and specialist support at every stage. This often includes:


  • immediate advice and support whenever this is needed

  • developing messaging and communications for staff and other stakeholders  

  • drafting media handling lines

  • speaking to journalists on the clients’ behalf

  • liaising with your legal advisors and other partners

  • working with in-house communications staff

  • delivering media training to potential spokespeople


If the police are involved, clients really appreciate my knowledge of the criminal justice process and my ability to liaise on their behalf with press offices in statutory organisations.


For my clients, I am a trusted partner and an extension of their team. They’ll tell you that having a crisis management expert on their side as sounding board is reassuring and often invaluable. I offer both one-off support and retainer packages - contact me for more details. 

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